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Bitumen production process

کاربرد انواع قیر

The bitumen production process is briefly explained in this article.

Petroleum bitumens are produced by three processes: direct extraction, straight run, air blowing, and blending.

  • Straight Run Process: When the profile of the residue of the distillation tower in the vacuum of the refinery is similar to the profile of bitumen, the process cut called bitumen is received as the final product.
  • Air Blowing Process: When the residue cut from the vacuum distillation tower (VB) of the refinery does not have the same characteristics as bitumen, therefore, in this case, VB is transferred to the bitumen unit as the primary month and is carried out with the aeration process in the reactor along with the reactions of oxidation, dehydration and Polymerization and by controlling operational parameters, bitumen is produced with different grades. This process takes place in two ways: continuous process and batch process.
  • Blending process: the process of mixing different cuts of petroleum products (with optimal formulation), by achieving the standard specifications of bitumen

Information about the uses of bitumen, types of bitumen and bitumen chemistry is written in the content of the site.

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