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Laboratory of Sepahan Iranian Company

آزمایشگاه ایرانیان سپاهان

The laboratory equipment of Sepahan Iranian company is installed according to the latest available global technologies for testing all types of bitumen.

This laboratory controls the analysis of primary feed and final products and prevents any deviation from the specifications and standards, which leads to the improvement of product quality and also the reduction of production costs.

It is worth mentioning that this laboratory is a partner of the Iran Standard Organization and international inspection companies in the field of testing bitumen for export and is ready to cooperate in the field of testing all types of bitumen with all companies active in the field of inspection, production and export of bitumen.

Carrying out all laboratory tests related to bitumen, in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO17025 standards and in accordance with the requirements of the latest edition of ASTM and ISIRI standards, is one of the strengths of Sepahan Iranian Bitumen Company laboratory.

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